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Feminist gamers get owned, cry

There’s this thread on the Dungeon & Dragons website about feminism made by a feminist gamer, crying on how D&D gamers dislike feminists.

Every time a woman decides to keep gaming despite being asked out on a date by all her other players, humilated because she didn’t know all the rules, or just plain told that gaming isn’t for her, she is showing a core strength that is a belief in her right to be there. THAT is one aspect of feminism. [see quote]

What a typical ‘feminoob’ with the classic ”I’m a victim because I’m a woman” mentality. Anyone who doesn’t know how to play a game will be ridiculed by the other players, regardless of whether you are male, or female. Since she’s being mocked, it has to be because she’s a woman, it couldn’t possibly be because she didn’t read the rules book, and therefore, doesn’t know how to play!

Get this (from another feminist gamer):

And since men can’t get pregnant special accommodations need to be made for that in the work place. [see quote]

You don’t have to get pregnant; it’s a choice you, as a woman, make. You can’t have both; you need to make a choice, a choice men don’t even have. Typical feminists, always wanting to privilege women over men.

Apparently, Affirmative Action in the real world is just not enough for some feminist. They want it in the virtual world, too:

Another example of my feminist agenda: 50/50 NPCs where both sexes run the gambit of careers and usefulness/hurtfulness to the players. [see quote]

There are over 12 pages of this pathetic crap of feminists arguing feminism is the greatest thing ever, and that Dungeons & Dragons is sexist towards women for not allowing 6 months pregnant women to fight in battle. Is it any wonder gamers don’t like feminists?