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Feminist terrorist arrested

Sorry for not posting any new stuff in awhile. I’ve just been somewhat busy, and didn’t feel at all like writing anything. My posting schedule will probably be a little more irregular from now on.

Anyway. Lately, I’ve seen a few claims from, none other than feminists, that ”Feminists have never used violence to get their point across.” Obviously, these feminists must either; be in denial, or live in a cave.

Adrienne Gerhäuser, one of Germany’s most militant feminists and leader of the Red Zora gang, has placed self-constructed time bombs in the Institute of Genetic Research, in West Berlin, and in a women’s clothing factory. Yep, female scientists in a first-world country like Germany are definitely being exploited and oppressed! They probably don’t even have the right to wear t0 vote! (Note the sarcasm.) The real oppressor here, however, is Adrienne herself. Had the bomb exploded, the female scientists who have been left without a job. Great way to make feminism even more hated.

The Red Zora gang–an offshoot of a deadly outfit known as the Revolutionary Cells responsible for knee-capping politicians–has existed since 1977, and has carried out a total of more than 40 attacks. The gang has placed bombs in the offices of the German Doctors’ Association, sex shops, cinemas, biotechnology institutes, the Philippines’ Embassy (don’t they ever think? They could have caused another war! But since the men would have been the ones fighting, it doesn’t matter to them), and in the cars of pimps.

From The feminist who fought sexism with fire bombs faces justice, by the Times Online.


Feministing.com approves of violence against men

From feministing.com:

Hit Men Poster

This may be my favorite feminist Flickr to date. A translation:

Careful! Women answer back

If you stupidly stare at a woman, talk rubbish or touch her, you have to be aware that she might insult you loudly, a glass of beer is emptied over you or you might be hit in the face. We strongly advise you to refrain from this kind of harrassments.

Women, migrants, homeless people, transgender people, gays and lesbians are often victims of assaults. Don’t look away, interfere!

”Violence is never funny.” — A common quote from feminists when violence against women is ‘comical-ized’. It seems however, violence against men can potentially be funny, as in: if he deserves it. The reverse, however, does not seem to hold true; violence against women is never funny.

The only time hitting someone is acceptable is if they touch, assault, or ask you to hit them. However, they also think hitting a man for staring or ”talking rubbish” is OK. Hitting a man, especially for such trivial reasons as the two mentioned above, is a bad idea; most likely, he’ll punch you back and it will hurt you more than it did him. Furthermore, hitting someone for staring or ”talking rubbish” at you is assault, not self-defense since self-defense is: ”the act of defending one’s person when physically attacked” as defined by dictionary.com. Assault is a punishable offense by law.

Is going out of your way to slap a man really worth getting punched back in the face or going to jail? Feministing.com seems to think so, as well as approving of violence against men.