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Circumcision–a Human Rights violation

That’s right; circumcision, when performed on a non-consenting child, is a Human Rights violation, and just like F.G.M., it’s genital mutilation. Only the victim should have the choice over their body. Women have control over their bodies and reproductive organs, and men want the same right. It’s completely unfair to force someone to do something to their body against their will.Let’s compare the two for a second:

  • Circumcision was invented to stop young boys from masturbating, as it was ‘’sinful.” F.G.M.’s intent is to keep women virgins until marriage, so both are somewhat similar in this regard.
  • Both remove nerve endings, therefore feelings. (Although F.G.M. does remove almost all nerve endings, whereas circumcision removes a good portion.)
  • Both remove a body part.
  • Both are done on a non-consenting person.

As you can see, there are fairly similar, although F.G.M. is worse, but not done on mass scale like circumcision is. Circumcision may also cause vaginal dryness, and lead to painful sex; no foreskin makes it harder for the man to penetrate [1,2]. On the other side, an uncircumcised penis will actually increase sexual pleasure for the female partner. If that’s not a good reason enough not to support circumcision, here are some more facts about it:

  • the nerves located in the foreskin makes it easier to aid an erection [2].
  • Removal of the foreskin can cause premature ejaculation when having sex [2].
  • In a recent survey, 20% of Korean men reported a worsened sex life after circumcision [2].

Circumcision also has it’s own set of complications; reduction in penile sensation, bleeding, damage to the urethra, amputation of the glans, and infection in the blood or septicemia [3]. Even the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) does not agree with circumcision.As for circumcision being ”cleaner”, it is total BS. Caring for an uncircumcised penis is quite easy. Read advice from the CPS about it here. It’s even easier than to teach girls to keep their parts clean.

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