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Families view fathers as less important than dogs

Dog vs. DadAccording to a recent report conducted by Direct Line, a pet insurance company, dogs will have an estimated $40 million spent on them, a lot more than daddies. 60% of dog-owners were not planning on purchasing their fathers anything at all for Christmas.

Mr. Price, head of Direct Line, confessed he would not know how to react if his kids neglected to buy him a Christmas present, but not the dog.

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Hoe hoe hoe!

Ho ho ho! It’s Christmas time, and Australian Santas are rebelling against attempts to ban the traditional ”ho ho ho” greeting to ”ha ha ha.” Guess Santa won’t be delivering presents this year!

Santas were told not to use ”ho ho ho”, as it was too similar to the American slang term ”hoe”, for prostitute.

Hoe Hoe Hoe!

Have a merry Christmas! Translation into political correctness: happy Holidays!