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Male nurses face discrimination

Male nurses in the United Kingdom cannot give intimate procedures female patient without a chaperon, yet female nurses can provide such an operation to male patients with no male chaperon present, according to the National Health Service’s policy.

The policy was based on the misandrist assumption that ”all men are sexual predators, untrustworthy, and voyeuristic”, according to this Telegraph article.

Chaperones are routinely offered to female patients when an intimate procedure will be given to them by a male nurse, but not vise-versa (male patients are not offered male chaperones when a female nurse will give them an intimate procedure).

The victim–Andrew Moyhing–sued claiming male nurses are treated like second-class citizens, but his case was denied by the tribunal. He was later backed-up by the Equal Opportunity Commission and managed to successfully alter the court’s decision. Moyhing was awarded £750 in compensation, which he refused as to not divert resources from the NHS.