Bill Maher on feminism

Comedian Bill Maher talks about feminism and the ”feminization” of the United States of America. He is dead-on in every point he makes. Watch it: it will definately be worth your time.


45 responses to “Bill Maher on feminism

  1. Hey, dummy, tell me where in this video did he ever mention the word “feminist” or talk about any feminist values? Learn to lesson, and try to learn something, hmmm?

  2. It was the original title of the YouTube video. (Just click the YouTube logo at the bottom right corner of the video.) Go ask the guy who posted it on YouTube. Besides, just look at the background; she’s a feminist icon.

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  3. Hey profeministmale stop playing with your mothers computer and come back when you have grown up.

    • Yeah, I have definitely considered myself to be somewhat androgynous, and always have been since childhood, but never a &#12t0;s2ud.․ Seriously? Gimme a break. Does my long hair and the fact that I shave my legs disqualify me for being attracted to the same sex?also, has this woman even seen Portia DeRossi?

  4. Feminism is a sickness and Bill knows it.

    • So that’s the case? Quite a retloavien that is.

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  5. Joke – how do you make a feminist angry ? ask them what a human right is and then interject immediately and tell them human rights belong only to those who can reproduce them both man and woman see Genesis 1- it trumps your goddess worship nathalie cote attorney HA! smarten up and stop trying to be a man you are not and never will be

  6. only human can produce humans – humans rights dont “naturally” belong to gays -Another joke – but it yet it isnt very funny…..yup – how many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb ? feminists dont screw light bulbs they are to busy trying to screwing ” everything else up” men are men and women are women that is the way we were created -so be it..!

  7. you cannot emasculate me nathalie – I am the man you are the woman- not the other way around and dont you ever forget it – I am not the one in jail( not (that I deserved to be ) and so I dont ultimatelyhave to answer to you but to the Almighty – I only told you wanted you wanted to hear concerning wendy hagglund and the peacebond and so if I saw ms hagglund on the street she is was in trouble and was hurt or any body for that matter-I would come to their aid- you feminist laws are so gay being that they unduly prejudicial

  8. let me repeat this the feminism war machine cannot stop me from acting with valour and ruggedness being masculine – who isnt afraid to act with courage – there is nothing that you can do since I know that the law is on my side and I know whose side I am on and who is on my I side -God the Father and the Lord Jesus with whom I have a personal relationship- do you feminists understand this ? and do you understand me ? I know what I am taking about and that you cant take that away from me My rights they are God ordained and God given in the Charter of Rights and-freedoms and the woman police officer who arrested me is just a feminist-a state ordered fembot… obeying feminist social policies but I have God – do you?i am smarter than you think-aces high trump! may6 2005 charges ? none !

  9. ms police woman says- ” Now we know what to do with you ” HA -! ……oh and in case I dont see you good afternoon good evening and goodnight …..from the movie Truman show character truman burbank -in a surveillance society setting 1984

  10. I am not in jail -(not that I deserve to be)- I where the pants and I work hard as man as I should because that is what God wants of me… I do shake my head at the feminists judges (lesbians) and the female police officer who had me arrested but who did not ultimately succeed in getting what she wanted against me a criminal charge.You see I didnt break the law and was therefore not guilty and am not – since I didnt do anything wrong- that is unless you want to criminalize ” christian” intent- my own conscience is clear which is good-ah yes feminists want me to play their games- No!- You have to tell them what they want to hear so as to avoid serious jail time even when you are in the right she ottawa gop claims to be good cop but doesnt know the difference between good man/badman and is deceived in her role playing games – God is on my side Now,I was in jail for 2 night and I witnessed the gospel to people testifying of Jesus Christ if you read in scripture you know that paul the apostle was in prison -I can relate on some level- although I am not as great as he was though i want to be – gentlemen its time to stand and fight the good fight of faith and not let feminism win they are only playing their foolish games because we let them true woman dont respect the spineless- wendy should read this I do love woman and I respect woman who are really woman because I stand against the foolish nonsense – have a nice day

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  11. the ottawa “cop” did not know and does not know the difference between a good man and a bad man

  12. please erase my comments

  13. would you kindly erase my comments

  14. bill maher is actually showing the stupidity of plolitical correectness

  15. feminism is social policy that propagates lies that just because you are a woman you are the “victim” and the man is the agressor/suspect and this foolishness enshrined in law makes the power of the crown prosecution to be airtight – however- in my case I in fact did not do anything that would be considered to break the law -other then being overly obsessive which i do take responsibility for as a man laws are in many ways arbitrary

  16. For man made laws ( paradoxically in view of feminism – those who try to be like men ) are in fact set up in an arbitrary manner that gives undue creedence to the false accusations that women can make that even may be made to be contrived and even exaggerated for the sake of a conviction -they also make laws as concerning “violence against women” masking that issue when it comes to abortion male/female babies die-this is what we have to deal with..”feelings are more important than facts”

  17. I would like to state for the record something that would be expected of me , as a man and which, as well I will not fail to do since I must correct a certain incident of something that happened back a few years ago and that it was a great misunderstanding and I must make it right. I had a brush with the law back in may of 2005 with a women .The charge was withdrawn which was called criminal harrassment. It was largely based on my insistence and obsessive actions in regard to a certain women that I fully went out of my way to impress- but went too far- which I do admit and will not repeat it. I take responsibility for my actions -which ironically is why I went to her school to clear things up .What I will not do is play the coward telling feminists what they want to hear.There is no reason for me to lie or embellish the story. You see I did no harm to this women nor did I intend to and in fact and furthermore I would not since that is not who I am as a person . I am not a fool But This women would have and could have known that I was in fact a Christian a follower of Jesus Christ a believer and I live to obey Him I am however not a follower of feminism and am in no way associated with it seeing that it is duplicitous. The legal structure in my country is over seiged by the scourge of politically correct social policy which are essentially undergirded by feminist jugges etc and which are man hating in that they paint the women as “victims” and the man the agressor thus making any accusation against men to seem airtight and be thus unduly prejudicial . There are three man in cast of characters are wendy hagglund nathalie cote and the police women who arrested me My message to you is simply this 1) smarten up 2) grow up and 3)stop playing your feminist games I dont say this because i have a right to do evil nor am above the law however I am above the feminist laws as you yourselves should also be -seeing that (these laws ) are made in such a way to emasculate men . I do not see the point in playing their games -women often do not respect the spineless I see in the mirror of scripture that I am made in the image of God and that my reason to live is for the glory of God . May God truly reveal himself to you through Jesus Christand cause you to be humble and submissive women He loves you he can show his power and glory and he did die for you-all you ladies……..timothy gill of ottawa

  18. undergirded by the ” judges” that happen to be feminist- in their curious career choice….

  19. The three feminist women cast of characters in this act are : wendy hagglund nathalie cote the crown attorney and the female police officer -just remember this masculinity is a manly trait which you nothing about …….timothygill

  20. The feminist foolishness must stop

  21. The fact is that the courts were never meant to try to usurp biblical manly authority or yet to take away the place of mens masculine role which only a man can appreciate and understand .But you see when you have a foolish woman in a high place of authority such as nathalie cote – a crown prosecutor than you can get in trouble easily when the feminist game players rule It is such a shame – God help us . Fema-nazism a socialist disease is evil and has been “hijacking
    ” the court system with strange social policies for many years and for what ? All for the sake of a politically correct agenda. She is a man hater who doesnt what a man is but once again there is this gay role playing. In case you didnt know I didnt get jail time woman ……..

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  22. The feminist agenda has been around since the sixties and look at what have today as as result…………………………

  23. I apologize over the stupid comments that I made that were out of place There are better ways to do this. Maybe the owner of the website will erase the comments since I dont want to hurt or curse anybody.I was just particularly angry at how things turned out based on the past specific incidents.I dont want to do what is against the law. The comment “cast of characters” was not a good comment : therefore I take it back -like a man and act like one.

  24. what up with the last comment being deleted-

  25. The role of a man is one I take seriously and that is why I will state that if anybody who is offended at what I have said they may come and talk with me. I will clarify the points that I have made. I know that my desire to be clear and straight up.I can be a good conversationalist- and not to be some stupid prick…..

  26. The feminist agenda is in fact a NWO agenda- and has been so since its inception 1) margaret sanger of planned parenthood started a bloody revolution which involves social engineering …. Google it

    • Lanre,Inteinstipg. I've never been to Istanbul, but I've heard that Hagia Eirene was used as a military museum until recently. It looks from the photos like it is used for concerts now.

  27. The feminist agenda is one that is very pernicious.We must contend against it…..

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    • The confusion at Fox and CNN probably arose because of the way Roberts drafted his decision.In Part III A he stated that the Commerce Clause didn't apply, he then spoke at some length before declaring in Part III C that the individual mandate was a valid application of the power to raise taxes.Fairly obviously, Fox and CNN jumped the gun after Part III A becasue they wanted to be first with the news.

  28. You have more useful info than the British had colonies prIW-WeI.

  29. Kære Blæksprut: tak for de flotte ord tiL Kasper, det blev han glad for. Du har jo også en søn, som har spillet badminton, så du ved hvad det handler om.

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